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Gaia Cup Small

Gaia Cup Small

Size Small

Suits those who do not have children and/or are under 25 years.

The menstrual cup is made of medical silicone of the highest quality.It has aong use and is easy to use. It is reliable, ideal for all kinds of sports and activities. Fresh natural shade. It is economical - no need to buy sanitary pads or tampons. It is environment-friendly - no littering! and it is
healthy: no allergies, no risk of infection or damage to the mucous membranes, does not dry out and do not affect the course of life's natural environment.


Care instructions and operating instructions in Swedish are included in the package. Practical and stylish storage bag of cotton will have the cup when it is out of use.


Size: S
External Diameter: 36mm
Length: 55 mm
Antenna: 10 mm
Volume: 21.2 ml


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